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One of our trademarks is our hand-crafted German production which takes place in the city of Cologne located along the Rhine river. The use of only the best materials is an absolute must for us. Given our complete in-house production methods, we are also able to take into consideration our customers’ individual needs and wishes. 

As with Parisian Haute Couture, we treasure genuine hand craft and manufacture solely in Germany. Our materials come from diverse specialists whose names also stand for sustainability and quality. Extensive research and development goes into every new model. The result is a one-of-a-kind piece with a totally unique character. These factors separate us noticeably from our mass-imported “competition” and have earned us the title of ‘Trend-setter’ in bridal hair accessories.

We can not and will not compete with labor practices of third world and developing countries.

The conscious selection of rare materials increases exclusivity and further limits production and inventory. Naturally, each piece is thoroughly inspected before it gets sent to you.

We’re there for you. Give it a try. 

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