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Sky Lange-Ford

Who is behind the label Sky is no limiT?


The label is led by managing director Sky Lange-Ford who meanwhile has operated more than 30 years of design  experiences so far.

"Creativity is a talent - design is something you can learn.

One might say there was a pre-existing family disposition which led me to my job: My great-grandfather was a tailor, my father was a trained rigger and as a captain he brought the world home with him. From him I learned to be a citizen of the world. 

In 1992, I created fashion with my classmates from everyday materials. This project was so successful that we were sent to the World's Fair in Seville - Spain as representatives of the German city-state of Niedersachsen. 

During my studies I gained my first professional experiences in the field as as a young designer, was a participant in future conferences. After a brief stint as a lecturer at a make-up school, event manager for fashion shows and special artist for the Colorado Shakespeare Festival in the USA, it became crystal clear that I had to let my own creativity take flight.


With my label Sky is no limiT, I enjoy the option to create and influence new things for collaborative partners." 

Yours, Sky Lange-Ford, Dipl. Designer

Meet me on INSTAGRAM: Sky_Lange_Ford


Creating a perfect picture is a lot of work. Preparation and styling in front of the camera creates an authentik look.


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